Listen to Binaural Beats While Sleeping

A day has 24 hours, and nearly a third of it is spent sleeping. Because of this, many wonder if they can listen to binaural beats while sleeping and …

Listen to Binaural Beats While Sleeping


So, for the past six years, I’ve been writing. I’m going to share some poems. It is a couple that really May speak to the readers. Here we go! Hope you enjoy! Feedback is welcomed!

The Storm Called Depression
Depression is real
sometimes its hard
to heal
from the scars
berried deep
in your heart
and within your wrists.
You can feel
the brokenness
people say
its not real.
To heal
just let go
and you will grow
beyond the road
of loneliness.
Soon one day
you will realize
you’ll be blessed.
Please don’t fear
because God is here
He will wipe
away your tears
that you cried
because you’ve wanted
to always die.
God can restore
The weak
He can seek
The ones that are
going through a storm.
A storm of depression
that’s like an infection.
you can survive
The people who despise
and put on a disguise
because gods eyes
can destroy the lies
because he is wise
you will rise
and face the demons
that are inside
your heart
and mind.
yes, depression is real
but remember that God forgives, forgets, loves, feels, and heals you.
with God you are strong.
if you trust in God
it won’t be long
until the depression is gone.The

The Wave Of Life
There are times in your life
where you can only see a wave of darkness
It surrounds you and ingulfs you in fear and saddness.
But waves come, and go.
Leave your emotions that came with that wave behind.
I know what it feels like to be trapped in a wave
that’s drowning you in negative emotions.
It is terrifying when that wave passes.
You won’t know what the next wave will bring.
Each wave comes and goes, there are big ones and small ones.
They can be short, or long.
just remember, to trust God and try to ride the waves.
It won’t be easy.
Its gonna take a lot of strength to be able to let go of all the emotions each wave brings.
Trust God and you will be safe, loved, valued, and held up.
By the one who never leaves.
Trust God with your heart.


I’m blind and I’m okay with that. I know some people might take pity on me because I’m disabled. Believe me, people who are disabled, aren’t helpless. I want to make that clear. We are just like everyone else we just don’t have something working right in our bodies or brains. For blind people, our eyes don’t work. I use a screenreader for writing as well as a braille writer. I have been writing in braille since I was a little girl. It’s not a big deal for me. I am doing just fine in life!!! With my family, friends and God I’m getting to be the independent young lady I desire to be. If you are struggling because you have a disability or an illness, I’m here to tell you… No matter what life throws at you, always keep fighting and become the person you desire to be!!!!